JCPenney Survey

The JC Penney Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the best surveys out there, offering a 15% discount on your next purchase!

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How does 15% off your next purchase at JC Penney sound to you? That’s the reward you will get for filling out the JCPenney (JCP) Customer Service Satisfaction survey.

The JCP survey is open to all customers, but you’ll need the special 22-character access code printed on the front of your sales receipt to actually take the survey. Remember: the survey is only available to JCPenney customers! You need an access code to complete the survey.

Don’t have an access code? You can try searching the web for one, but most of those survey access codes aren’t valid. The easiest way to get a valid access code is to visit your local JC Penney store and purchase an inexpensive item.

TIP: Plan your major purchases so take advantage of the JCPenney survey discount. A few days before a large purchase, visit a store and buy a small item. Then return home and complete the JCP customer satisfaction survey and use the discount to make your major purchase!

Once you have completed the survey, you will be given a discount coupon worth 15% off almost any purchase at JC Penney. Please note that only one coupon will be issued per household in a 30-day period.

The survey is available in both English and Spanish. A lot of people have used the surveys to save themselves a lot of money — see below for proof and JC Penney customer service reviews!

To fill out the survey, visit or Then take a minute to fill out the form below to let us know if you were able to complete the JCPenney survey and receive your 15% discount.

Your Feedback: 

Note: All feedback is moderated and will be made public after it is reviewed for appropriateness. Please do not include any information that can identify you other than your first name or a pseudonym. Refer to our privacy policy for more details.


  1. Karen says:

    Just purchased a pair of men’s slacks and a had the help of a wonderful clerk. She even went in the stock room to see if there was another slack in these particular size. I appreciated her going the extra mile for me.

  2. Abraham says:

    Allways found what I need from suits to shoes
    also many items at clearance prices
    and good rewars thanks jcpenney

  3. Katherine says:

    Love shopping at jc penneys

  4. Alma Velazquez says:

    Amazing selection at great prices would recommend to friends and family.

  5. tsui says:

    good service.

  6. Barbara says:

    Visited JCP on 4/20/2013, browsed each department of the store and found the items I wanted to purchase made payment and left the area. I was impressed that the store was spaceous, neat and the employees were very courteous throughout the store. The atmosphere in JCP while I was shopping was excellent.

  7. cheryl says:

    ilove the jcpenney clothes I purchased.

  8. Teresa Miller says:

    I didnt like waiting 20 minutes to get my recite from the new scanning check-out

  9. lia says:

    good prices

  10. angie says:

    The staff was very helpful to me while I was shopping

  11. Irene says:

    awesome prices can’t go wrong.

  12. lillian says:

    thank you jpcpenney for being here i enjoy your store and shop all the time
    thank you !

  13. kim says:

    jc penney has always had great customer service and very helpful and friendly staff no matter what store i shop at

  14. MAry says:

    Yes I was able to fill out the survey. The questions were easy to understand and were easy to answer.

  15. Lori says:

    Service was ok, only one clerk and there a bit of a line. Other wise had no problems, prices are good.

  16. Debbie says:

    good service

  17. veronica says:

    The service was exceptioinal as always, especially when you meet floor attendants such as Amannda in thw women’s lingerie dep’t.I always love to shop at jcp.

  18. vincent says:

    Very satisfied with the customer service in the jewlery and mens clothing dept. The sales people were extremely helpful and friendly. I will be shopping at JCPenney’s a lot in the future.

  19. deborah says:

    i went to jcp to order curtains , the sales woman was very nice but had no idea how to navigate the computer , so it took 45 minutes to complete this transaction . then i found out i couldn’t pay with cash so she had to go find another sales person to put the cash on a giftcard . finally it was ordered . then to my surprise my curtains finally come and they were the wrong size ! i was very unhappy especially after the transaction taking so long . so back to jcp to get a refund put on yet another gift card ( i reordered over the phone ) once at the store the sales person was very friendly but had to get another salesperson to help her with this transaction . i work in retail and understand there can be problems but this whole procedure was beyond words ! your salespeople need training .

  20. Joy says:

    I have three boys. I did buy many clothes from JCP. This year I could not fine anything, you no longer have good quality clothes, everything look very cheaply made. I do not like the changes that you have done. You have lost this one customer

  21. Cindy says:

    Bought a suit and jacket for my husband at East Towne in Madison. Dudley was the sales associate that helped us. Very helpful and knowledgable. Made the experience very easy and enjoyable.

  22. Debbie says:

    I just wanted to say that i am thankfull to jcpennys due to every year for the last past 6 years i have always found my grand-childrens school clothes and beleive me thats a blessing this means that i only have to go to one store instead of maybe 5 or6 .so thank-you jcpennys for having school clothes in stock every year.

  23. cj says:

    The store did not have the size I needed in male dress pants in any style, so I ordered multiple items with the clerk.The sales associate offered me 20% for opening charge card on initial purchase.Once received 3 weeks later they were the wrong size.When I tried to return items, catalog said the size I needed was no longer available. I opted to purchase different items in the store and was asked to open additional charge cards to receive the 20% I was offered with the first order that was done incorrectly. So, after 3 weeks my husband still does not have the clothing items he need. I cancelled the charge card we opened with the initial purchase and we decided to purchase his clothing elsewhere. I would describe as a nightmare shopping experience.

  24. lee says:

    I have made my last trip to Penny’s. where are all the nice sales people and the people that spoke to you and asked if you were finding everything? there was one person at customer service upstairs and 8 people in line. I went downstairs and found one person in customer service helping a lady return a big stack of things and buying another big stack. I waited and then gave up. I found Henry in shoes and he rang me up.this was the best store and now it is not. the person or persons that did this should be fired. It seems obvious that you are going out of business.I get better help at Wall-Mart.I am so sorry to see this happening.

  25. Ann says:

    I am so disapointed in JCP. Don’t even go into the store any more. Can NEVER find anyone to help you if you need help.With no coupons & sale like they used to have keeps me out of the store. A friend told me today that they are going to go to self check out. That is going to keep me out of the store for sure, as I DO NOT do the self check out a the food store. I HATE IT!!
    Can’t we get the old JCP back???

  26. Mike Thompson says:

    I found an old survey and wanted to fill it out. What a great employee you have at the 86th street JCs. The Jewelry dept. The employees name is Regina. She is the best, always helping, and orders whatever we need. I not do not know if she is the manager, is not she should be. I see her work circles around others, and knows where to find the items. Great member of the Jcpennys team.
    Just wanted to let you know.
    Thank you
    Mike Thompson
    Indianapolis, IN
    2901 353 7844 062012 1102

  27. Karen says:

    Margaret was very helpful and was able to quickly make an adjustment to my previous sale, which required some additional research of another jcp store. She was very cordial, friendly and professional.

  28. Becky says:

    Good Customer service nice checker named Jamie

  29. Daian says:

    It’s been three years I did not enter JCPenny because I was out of the U.S, OMG I miss shopping there, everything is in it’s place, the prices are right, customer service very good, they have the best clothes for kids and adult, even house hold items … I’m going to miss shopping at JCPenny, but you know what !! I can order online.

  30. Bonnie says:


  31. Edward says:

    Excellent selection in children’s departments(6 grandchildren).Disappointed in selection in big and tall men’s dept.One of my brothers is 3XL and the dept. seems to have shrunk.

  32. sharron says:

    The associate was very nive and easy to talk to at the Cape Girardeau, MO JCPenny store

  33. Georgia says:

    Penneys is my kind of store. Love love love it

  34. serena says:

    i love jcpennys. i can find all of my needs and wants there !

  35. James says:

    Liked Dawn S. She was Knowledgeable,friendly, and professional.

  36. debra says:

    Went to your store today and was very pleased with the styles of clothes you offered. I have been to that store several times in the past few months and happy with the sale items.

  37. bonnie says:

    Lincoln, Ne Beth in linens, bedding was just super, you had better keep her, mixed emotions about prices, miss coupons and % off specials, but will stay with JCP

  38. Mary says:

    the variety of sizes in the junior dept. was not good, it went from small to x-large to 1x. what happened to medium and large?

  39. Becca says:

    I love shopping at JC Penney.

  40. Barbara says:

    I had a very good experience with my purchases, cashier very friendly and knowledgeable. thank you

  41. Rosemary says:

    Marie was very helpful

  42. Shelba says:

    Penny’s is my store for shopping for my grandchildren. I find so many great buys. I have 13 grandchildren & great-grandchildren so I need all the specials I can find.

  43. Ingrid says:

    To Whom It May Concern…..I am not happy at all with your new sale policy ! The adds you have now are horrible . I have talked to many of my friends and they feel the same way as I do. I dont know who had this crazy idea but they were really wrong . I am also not happy with your clothing now. I know this complaint probably wont make any differance but at least you know how some of us feel.

  44. ambrose says:

    service was very good friendly clerk to wait on us thanks.

  45. Vicki says:

    Brittany was very pleasant and very helpful.

  46. kim says:

    Jason was very helpful and kind !

  47. Nancy says:

    I went ino JCPenneys to pick up a Birthday gift for my Mom and ended up getting more items for myself! I was very happy with the purchase I made and will be going back to the store again soon My clerk was Amanda at the Queensbury NY store

  48. gisela driver says:

    Kimber was very helpful

  49. debi says:

    I had to do a small return of a couple of shirts that didn’t fit my daughter.The return was quick & efficient.

  50. Carolyn says:

    Very happy with assistance and friendliness of employee. Alice made sure we found items we needed and showed us their location when we were unable to do so. She was very considerate of my handicapped husband.

  51. esther says:

    went shopping for curtain rods, marasha was very helpful coutious and polite. i found what i need and would shop at your store in the future.

  52. Ruth says:

    You have wonderful associates working at this store.

  53. Donna says:

    Great experience

  54. jose says:

    I like to go to jcp all the time.

  55. Barb says:

    Our sales associate, Karen B, in the Alexandria, MN store could not have been nicer. Pleasant, helpful and a smile on her face! Store is looking nicer too.

  56. Elizabeth says:

    I received some great bargains shopping at JCP the other day. The checkout girls were happy and helpful, pointing out a couple of things I had missed.

  57. Douglas says:

    I bought a sports coat at the J C Penny Store at the LOOP. I get home & find that the security device is still attached. I have to take the coat back to get the device removed,with todays gas prices I didn’t save anything with this purchase. needless to say I’m not happy.

  58. marlene says:

    Terese is very good and helpful.

  59. Joan says:

    Sales person was very helpful and most pleasant

  60. judith says:

    exelent coustumer servise

  61. Kathern Jackson says:

    I enjoy shopping at JCPnney very much.

  62. Linette says:

    I love their price and quality!

  63. Carol says:

    I was assisted by Ashley B in Roseville, CA at Galleria, Petite Dept. She was fabulous and it was after Christmas. Keep her.
    Carol H. Roseville CA

  64. Barbara says:

    Shopping at JCP was a good experience. We were shopping in a JCP near Romeoville,Il while visiting family there. The staff were very helpfull found some great bargines.

  65. Jan says:

    survey was a bit long

  66. latechia says:

    Customer service was good. The store had the product I needed. I had a good experience.

  67. REBECCA says:

    I am always pleased with the service and help I get at JCP.

  68. Cristy Mcalister says:

    Love it

  69. Alene says:

    The associate Patsy was so friendly and helpful. It is wonderful to shop at a store that still cares about their customers. She certainly showed that she cared that I was satisfied – she is certainly an asset to your company.

  70. phyllis says:

    Debin jewelry was very helpful

  71. linda says:

    ilove JCVP

  72. JOVILYN says:

    Ms Mercedes saved my day before Christmas by helping me in buying gifts for my housemates. She was so kind, helpful, even if it is closing time, she still makes me at home buying those items..I hope she will stay at jcp long for I love to shop at this store…congratulations and happy new year to mr jcp and to all the employees…God bless you all and More power to JCP

  73. Pennington31Socorro says:

    Some time ago, I needed to buy a house for my organization but I did not have enough money and could not purchase something. Thank heaven my colleague suggested to try to get the credit loans from reliable creditors. Hence, I acted that and used to be satisfied with my sba loan.

  74. Jane Wills says:

    My experience shopping at JC Penney is always positive and the salespeople are friendly and always very helpful. I had Grace wait on me yesterday and she was very helpful and friendly and willing to help me.

  75. Janie says:

    I have always liked Penneys and feel the sales people are helpful and courtious

  76. Sharon says:

    Sharon is very helpful in the jewelry dept, every time I go to this dept. Always it’s a nice smile in her face. Thank You Sharon

  77. Dawn says:

    I always have had a great experience at JCP. All sales personnel were very warm and friendly.

  78. deb says:

    rosemy was very helpful to me on wed.

  79. Ingrid says:


  80. Sarah says:

    The sales associates were very courtous and helpful. The after Christmas sale was great!

  81. areitzy says:

    found everything i needed

  82. rosa says:

    I was very plesed with service & help all the accociates gave me when buying my product

  83. Betsy says:

    Great deals!Great quality! Great service!

  84. Elizabeth says:

    Was Great! The sales were especially good! The styles were really nice and appealing.I shopped in every department and found great buys in each. Good job J.C.P. !

  85. Donald says:

    The store was very helpful and took me werei could fine what I wanted

  86. irma says:

    excellent customer service; however I would like to see more size 2p with in skirt/pants suits department as well as dresses. I am satisfied with the services I received the sales clerk accompanied me from the dress dept to the kids section on the lower level and assisted me, Great job


  87. Julie says:

    My salesperson Emily was very helpful with my purchase and ordering things that weren’t in the store.

  88. sandra says:


  89. Mary Anne says:

    Princess at the Hanes Mall JC Penney at Winston Salem, NC was wonderful to deal with. She has a very good disposition and is very pleasant to deal with.

  90. bobby says:

    i found a vest that i was looking for that was perfect

  91. Kathy says:

    Salesclerks were nicer than anyone ever!!!!

  92. Tammy says:

    Taylor L. was my sales associate. I was very pleased witmy service.

  93. bonnie says:

    connie helped me check out and she was very helpful and efficient.iiiiiiiic

  94. debbie says:

    I love shopping JC Penny. I shop Prarie Center Pkwy store …. always clean, neat and always helpful associates. Always leave satisfied with the quality items and service. I did all my Christmas shopping there and when I needed to exchange two items, it was a pleasant and no hassle experience. Thank you JC Penny! Access code 1106 703 8440 122911 1328 5

  95. Nolan says:

    Curtis and Susie at the Superstition Center clothing store and Sharon in the Home Store were very helpful when I purchased my clothes and bedding yesterday (11/21). The savings were great as well.
    The only part that I found a bit disappointing is that when it comes to making and stocking blue jeans, size 35 waist must be extremely rare because I couldn’t find any. There were waist sizes 32, 33, 34, 36, and so on, but no 35. I looked in both the Levis 517 and Arizona jeans departments with no luck. I know for a fact that Levis makes a size 35 waist because I have a pair that I purchased at Mervyn’s before they went south. I just can’t seem to find any more… I don’t think my waist size is rare. I’m about as average size-wise as any guy out there. Perhaps someone can provide feedback on this.
    I did purchase 3 pair of Arizona Loose Fit style in a 34″ waist and they seem to fit ok. Will know for sure when they are washed. 36″ waist in that jean style was too baggy for me.
    Thanks for listening. I’m a satisfied customer and will return.
    Nolan D.

  96. Eileen says:

    Had everything I wanted. Prices were great. Every salesperson was smiling and gracious.

  97. Maria Sanchez says:

    Went to ridgmar mall lady was very nice and helpful. Ended up going back the next day. Access code 1419093411011191120573

  98. judi says:

    Wonderful sales. Polite sales people. I like being asked if I need help. Had a great shopping experience.

  99. dianne moore says:

    the sevice was out stainibgher name ciaudia

  100. maria says:

    they were very helpful and the clerk was friendly and helpful

  101. frank plana says:

    we are always happy to buy at JCPenney

  102. susan says:

    very good

  103. leokadia says:

    access code;2814 004 5592 112111 1556 5My shopping experience was positive. I found things that I was looking for. A sales person help me to find L size of a jacket. I was greeting at the door and receive a coupon, I did not expected. Thank you.

  104. Ann says:

    I was very happy with the service I received at JC Penneys. All the people at the cash registers have been very pleasant.

  105. Tolibjon says:

    I was very pleased with my shopping experience. I had two clerks that were most helpful. leah and Dana

  106. janice says:

    Access code:2931 040 0734 100311 1628 7I was very pleased with my shopping experience. I had two clerks that were most helpful.Michelle in the womans department, and Marie in the bra department. They were both most helpf !!!!!

  107. janice says:

    I was very pleased with my shopping experience. I had two clerks that were most helpful.Michelle in the womans department, and Marie in the bra department. They were both most helpf !!!!!

  108. john says:


  109. Rafael says:

    I have been shopping in your Mayaguez, PR store for the last 20+ years and have always found your prices to be very competitive and your special sales fantastic. Your returns policy is always without question the best around. Your personnel is most courteous and knowledgeable. Do’nt change anything. Just keep on getting better!

  110. Sandi says:

    Best clearance prices anywhere. Way to gooooooooooooooooooo

  111. June says:

    Pleasant experience. Clerk was friendly and helpful.

  112. Arlene says:

    Was very happy with the help i got at the
    store in Stroudsburg,Pa and the people there
    where very helpful when i needed help finding
    some thing. Their friendly hello’s made me feel welcomed.
    So all in all was very happy to shop there.
    Thank you and sincerely yours Arlene

  113. jean says:

    I was very satisfied with the help I got while trying to purchase some under clothes. The clerk was right there showed me were my size and style were. Very helpful. I was very satisfied.

  114. donna says:

    very satisfied with pennys and there service

  115. Chuck says:

    Went shopping on Sun for a few new pants…ended up buying 4 pairs of pants and a new suit…the help at JCP IN SARASOTA ..8201 TAMIAMI TRAIL Assoc 0333 was so nice…she said it would safe me to open a charge card…I safed $33.75. Great

  116. sulayman says:

    jcpenn is one of my favorite store to buy clothes and save money with my code 2244 103 3650 091711 1102 8

  117. Judith says:

    I am always very happy to complete a survey so I can tangibly give recognition to the quality of the store, merchandise, value and associates, which, in my case, have always been superb, and also so I can receive another 15% discount certificate to use for my next purchase.

  118. Avelina says:

    I love jcpenny because i can find anything i need for me, my family , and my house.

  119. OLATUNJI says:


  120. suhasini says:

    excellentmarchandise & excellent service

  121. Valencia says:

    I received great service when I purchased a product in jcpenny from Candace.

  122. donna says:

    went well was helpedd and sastisfied

  123. Lee says:

    Your customer service is very nice and pleasant to work with. I will keep on shopping aate yur store

  124. mary says:


  125. Anita says:

    Good service and great clearance sections

  126. judy says:

    i had a great time sales person vanessa was very helpful

  127. Pat says:

    I made an exchange which was effortless. I received my refund and then made a new purchase and I was treated very quickly and with kindness.

  128. Esther Gonzalez says:

    Sali a buscar un uniforme y actulice mi closet completo incluyendo ropa interior y zapatos con $500.00 dolares. la variedad y estilos a bajos precios. Consigues de todo no tienes que salir a ningun lugar y la atencion es excelente. Pronto estare esperando que habran las puertas para aprovechar los nuevos especiales.

    2 de octubre de 2011

  129. Verna says:

    Like JC Penny at Bay Plaza in the Bronx, NY. Very clean & friendly environment. The staff helpful with a smile. Good quality merchandise at a fair price.

  130. Jennifer says:

    Great products and service. Keep up the good work!

  131. Peggy says:

    Your store is a neat, clean place to shop.

  132. ciera says:

    JCPenney have so much good things u want 4 your kids n 4 u 2808 091 9136 100211 1511 9

  133. Peter says:

    My customer service person was curtious and helpful. Her name is Sandy Van Malden in Clearwater, Florida.

  134. Jo says:

    Always pleased with the merchandise and customer service that JCP offers.
    My cashier, Bernie is always pleasant, during my many return shopping trips to the store.

  135. Roxanne says:

    Very friendly staff

  136. Sue says:

    I had a wonderful experince and my cashier was very good,her assoc#0759. I will be shopping again this week.


  137. maryholmes says:

    I found the springfield Ill pennys store was soeasy to fine things. I really enjoyed shopping there

  138. Linda says:

    STaff helpful and no wait to check out – BONUS!

  139. shelley says:

    i’m always happy to find my size available in bras, and petite clothing whenever i shop at JCPenney’s.

  140. Mona says:

    Good quality products and good service

  141. Mona says:

    Good products and helpful service

  142. karla says:

    got a great deals when i purchased my maternity shirts they were on clearance and total discount and savings was 46.80 off yeah

  143. cyndi says:

    JC Penny at fallen timbers in a wonderful place to shop and the sales persons are very helpful.

  144. Peggy says:

    I love shopping JCPennys. They are always having good sales. I met a very nice sales clerk.
    She was very helpful and friendly. Her name was Carolyn. She helped me and my husband in the
    area when we were looking for a set of sheets.She also took us and found a apron we were
    looking for. Thanks again Carolyn.

  145. ingrid says:

    i would like to be able to use my 15% coupon with other coupons double like before

  146. Herbert Soileau says:

    wehad a good experience today. parking and service was finbe

  147. lois says:

    good hair products

  148. C.C. says:

    Shakita was especially helpful.She saved me a lot of steps looking for just the right shoes. Thanks.

  149. frances says:

    i went back to jc pennys to return some socks they were not the right color, the lady that help me was very nice also showed me other styles with I ended buying. THank U

  150. sheila says:

    jcpenney store #0102 one of the best stores that i go shopping in for every family member. keep up the good job!

  151. milagros says:

    super, great

  152. Lois says:

    I ordered a bag & had a problem with it on the charges. But the store manager made it right for me & made me feel like an important customer.!!

  153. CATHERINE says:


  154. Joy says:

    Marie was exceptionally helpful.

  155. Harold says:

    At checkout I was attended to by Rene at the Orland Park, IL store. Her attention and accomodating demeanor made the experience very enjoyable. Thanks RENE!

  156. Keren says:

    I was extremely pleased with the service I received in the men’s department trying to find a suit for my son. The assistant was very helpful.

  157. Evaline says:

    other stores cant compare to the amazing outfits and prices you all have. I love shopping at your store.

  158. lois says:

    I have been trying and trying to GET TO the survey with the printable 15% off coupon. I used to get straight to it but now I’m getting all sorts of ads surveys from other companies. How do I get to what I want?

  159. Jessie says:

    Very easy and quick. Thank you

  160. tozerra says:

    I don’t know what jcpenney can do to make your shopping better I love to shop and jcpenney is the best. I have had a charge card with jc penney for thirty years .keep up the good help the people
    with the survey and 15% to 50%off and that is a good thing

  161. Etta says:

    I found my salesperson, Annetter to be friendly and very helpful.

  162. Lucille says:

    I was at the JCP at Lehigh Valey Mall, PA. I had a good experience and was satisfied.

  163. lou says:

    great store!

  164. suretta says:

    the best deals ever

  165. allina says:

    every thing was ok

  166. Nellie says:

    love shoping jcpenny and getting their discount

  167. maria says:

    i love the customer service

  168. debbie says:

    i love your products.

  169. Su says:

    Sandra-5 was very helpful in the ladies Dept. for fitting and showing us how to make the most of a good sale. Thank you so much.

  170. frances says:

    I went jc pennys tobuy curtians and I was helped by a nice young lady,not only did she help me find what I was looking for, she showed how to save money. Thank you

  171. Joan says:

    I found what I needed with no problem and the checkout was quick.

  172. tonya says:

    Kristy from ashtabula mall jcpenneys was very friendly and helpful.

  173. Hanna says:

    very good service and products

  174. carole says:

    Pleasure to shop at j.c penney. Sales people are very helpful. Prices are great.

  175. DIANA says:


  176. Jeanette says:

    The store clerk was very helpful, very pleasant and courteous to me. Made me feel appreciated as a customer. I also got good bargains on the merchandise that I chose to buy. Thanks

  177. Rose says:

    The sales person in Intimate Apparel,Vera, was extremely helpful for this visit. She also saved me some extra money on other items.

  178. sheila says:

    I’am always satisfied with the service in your store. I really like your return policy. I can take clothing home to try on . This is so much more comfortable. I’am always satisfied with my JCPenny purchases.

  179. Collette says:

    I usually have a great shopping experience,but on 9/26/2011,I purchased two items and I had a $10.00 off coupon.My purchase came to 14.96 with tax,minus the coupon for 10.00.So why did I pay the 14.96.What happened to my coupon?
    Collette Eure

  180. nicole says:

    I always enjoy my shopping experience at jcpenny. I visit as often as I can whenever I visit the U S, after all maybe we
    need one in the caribbean sugests: Trinidad where I’m from.
    My kids also have their needs met with the variety they find.

  181. Glenda says:

    Everyone in the store was so nice and helpful. One salesperson went above and beyond the call of duty by calling another store to see if they had the item her store did not. They had a very nice sale going on as well.

  182. sandi says:

    the store clerk, maria, is always pleasant and helpful

  183. kate says:

    Please, I would like to purchase American made products. Please offer them in your stores. Thank you.

  184. Debra says:

    I don’t like it

  185. BRENDA says:

    very good prices and excellent service. Have no complaints about my shopping experience with JCP the 27th of Sept.

  186. Margaret says:

    Excellent prices….found everything I wanted

  187. theresa says:

    erica was service loved how she removed my hangers. asked me if i wanted the hangers i said yes she placed everything in the bag nicely so pleased with her service. friendly and fast.

  188. Janaire says:

    Excellent clothing for the career woman.

  189. crystal says:

    I am so please with Jcpenny.

  190. Lisa says:

    great visit

  191. carl says:

    great job

  192. Rita says:

    I love shopping at JCPenneys. I love everything about the store. The ladies are always friendly and helpful. I do alot of shopping for my grandchildren and I get so excited when I see how much money I saved with each purchase.

  193. minda luz says:

    good and satisfying service

  194. Linda says:

    I am pleased to say that JC Penny’s is the just about the only place I can find petite size clothes in either dress or casual wear. Thank you,

  195. Gayrie says:

    My visit to JCP was very satisfactory. The clerk was extremely helpful and pleasant.

  196. Sabrina says:

    Went 2 JCP because Love 2 shop there and kids 4t fits my grandchild well.

  197. Taniya says:

    great products and great service

  198. Taniya says:


  199. myriam says:

    i had a great experience shopping at jcpenney store in palm beach lakes blvd in west palm beach,florida. my cashier doris was very courteous and helpfull.

  200. carol says:

    looking forward to useing my 15% off coupon thanks

  201. Stanley says:

    I found the item I was looking for but when I went to check out the sales rep asked me if I meant to get 2 different
    items. I asked her what she meant and she said 2 of my t-shirts were different (V-neck vrs. regular collar). I only
    wanted the regular and she saved me the time and aggravation of having to return to the store for an exchange.

  202. rosemary says:

    Fran the clerk was very helpful and kind.

  203. KELLY KONECNY says:


  204. karen says:

    i had a wonderful experience shopping at pennys.. thank you =====================================================================

  205. Barb says:

    Clerks are always friendly and willing to assist. Love the coupons and markdowns.

  206. Joanne says:

    Good service

  207. jorge says:

    I love jc penny”family seller..

  208. Peggy says:

    I was very happy with the help I received from Kellie at the Fort Smith JCPenney store. Very friendly and helpful. I love shopping at JCPenney and I love getting the discount coupons which help out alot. Thank You JCPenney!

  209. katrina brock says:

    arletta was great

  210. Larry says:

    Just got through buying three pair of Levi jeans at your J.C. Penney store in Salem, Oregon. I was helped by an employee named Joseph Daniel. He was very honest and extremely helpful in finding me the right style and size that I needed. I will definately be back. Thank you, Joseph!

  211. carol says:

    very nice shopping I seen the manager outside offer to help push a lady in a wheelchair to the other door she wanted to go to. The lady who helped me inside was very polite assoc 0518 was just very enjoyale.

  212. khurram says:

    great servis

  213. ali says:

    your quality is not good as mayes

  214. linda says:

    I like shopping at jcpenney…their products are good quality and reasonable prices…they have great sales..

  215. Phyllis says:

    Always aa pleasant greeting when entering the store. I needed help and was happily helped by pleasant staff.

  216. Richard says:

    very nice people work there.

  217. Maggie says:

    I had an extremely good experience this morning at J.C. Penney Woodfield store in the housewares dept. Julie (assoc: 0219) spent alot of time helping me and contacting the Fargo, ND. store (Gail). They figured out my problem with sending a gift of Cuisanart pots/pans to my daughter for her birthday to pick up in ND while allowing me to purchase the pots on sale at Woodfield,IL. I was really pleased with Julie’s patience and understanding. I truly found a sales person that wanted to really help me as a customer!!!

  218. david says:

    very helpful service

  219. Carol says:

    Great survey…covered all the bases! Pease make it EASIER TO LOCATE on the search list of JCP Surveys, tho. Thanks! Carol

  220. david sherman says:

    a plesant time no problems.

  221. donna freeman says:


  222. kathy says:

    i love jcpenney

  223. donald says:

    clerks are always helpful and nice.

  224. Mila says:

    Great service

  225. Patricia says:

    Pat was very friendly and helped me at the check-out.

  226. John says:

    Good se3lection and good service from sales person.

  227. Carol says:

    My first time to shop at the jcpenny’s home store. I was amazed at the amount of merchandise and the helpful staff. I found curtains that seemed like custome made. Also, found more blinds then I knew existed. I will be a loyal customer from now on and will diffenately tell my friends. This was a great discovery.


  228. Shirley says:

    Shirley Scelsi has been my stylist weekly for 10 years. Her talent and willingness to listen to my concerns have always amazed me. I have recommended her to many friends and all agree she is the best.


  229. June says:

    I love JCPenney!! Always stisfied by the friendly help and quality of products

  230. fred says:

    nikkita did a fine job.

  231. Sandra says:

    Survey was fast.

  232. DARNELLE says:

    it was well

  233. DARNELLE says:


  234. Joann says:

    Today as I visited many different departments in the store at Techridge in Austin, I was delighted to see all the new fall merchandise.

    Penney’s is the first place I visit when I am need of anything to complete my wardrobe. but I love to take the time to stroll through all the departments to see what there might be that I have not seen before; therefore I spend more money than I planned to when I arrived. However, hardly ever do I take anything back that I have purchased.

    I am always pleased with the sales persons – they are curteous, pleasant, and always happy to be of help in finding what you are looking for.

  235. john says:

    The clerk I dealt with on a product return was very rude. My experience with them has put a bad taste in my mouth towards JC Penny

  236. fran says:

    The service was very good .

  237. Diane says:

    Mrs. Broadway asked us if we needed any help while shopping, which was nice. She also took care of us immediately, when she saw us in line for another cashier. Very polite.

  238. karen says:

    Very easy to use this form.

  239. Betty says:

    Lisa T was very professional person. She was very nice and polite. She help me with my purchase and at the end told me to have a very nice day, and come back soon.

  240. Jeanne says:

    Every thing was winf. thanks

  241. edith says:

    Crystal helped me find what i was looking for and then she waited on me and told me to have a
    wonderful day she was very nice.

  242. Stacia says:

    The bra fitting associate was very helpful at the 86th & Michigan store.

  243. LEE says:


  244. linda says:

    My granddaughter and I usually love Penny’s, I’ve been a customer many many years, yet we experienced difficulty in finding dresses for her appropriate for church. The casual clothes were cute but could not even find one pair of dress slacks only jeans. There appeared to be only one salesperson in the department and we waited at the register some time before she appeared. This was unusual as ther are usually more persons to help. Still like Pennys just need more dresses and slacks, tops, a little nicer than jeans, glitter, and glita.

  245. Mickie says:

    I recieved excellent service in the pj and robe department. There were two ladies that worked with me until I was completely satisfied. That to me is a great shopping day.

  246. sarah says:

    Ms. Joy was very efficient and able to help me attain a new penny’s card as my account had been in my deceased husbands name and the account had been closed. She was kind and patient and a wonderful employee for Penny’s.

  247. Cynthia says:

    I LOVE ahopping at JCPENNEY! Not only does the department store offer good savings and awesome door busters, but thay ALWAYS have unadvertized savings, ALWAYS! For example, I just purchase a man’s XXXXL dress shirt for $7.00 and the regular price was $35.00. I also just purchased a set of non stick pots & pans $60.00 off the original price! Also included in the box was a set of steak knives AND a set of glass mixing bowls with lids. UNBELEIVABLE! And then to top off my little shopping spree, I purchased a $70.00 handbag for $24.99!!!! JCPENNEY IS MY STORE!!!!

  248. fred says:

    check out clerk was very professional and helpful

  249. Sharon says:

    My shopping at Penneys was a wonderful experience. I needed help in purchasing a pair of shoes. The clerks Shane and Abby were very courteous and quick. I like that. Love the shoes

  250. Shirley says:

    Could not believe how friendly sales people were. Best experience I have ever had at JCP.

  251. beverly says:

    everyone in the store is very helpfull and friendly

  252. alice says:

    I like the need signs directing you where every thing is in the store.

  253. nancy kraft says:

    I was looking for a Bisou animal stripe on clearance that I saw the other day that I shop at JCP Bakerfield. I could not find it anymore on the clearance racks, so I asked one of the cashiers, and she helped me look for it, she also tried to search on her computer if that the top that I am looking for is still on the stsore, she said there are two available. She also search on line for the top that I am looking for on line. The cashier was helpful. I failed to look at her name tabe of badge, but I can describe her,she always help me when ever I go to the JCP. She has short hair and she is older with curly hair. She is one of the cashier’s in the front of the store.

  254. Julie says:

    I was helped today by Francis Lemus at the Vallco Mall location in the Furniture Dept. I went to look at the couches but instead was attracted to 3 coordinating wooden hat boxes. Even though there were two sets the boxes were not in good shape and had many scratches on top. After discovering a new set could not be ordered and the closest store was not that close; Francis first tried to improve the scratches with a wood filler pen. It did not work at all so then she found a black pen which did improve the appearance and patiently used it on the boxes. She really went out of her way for me and had a great attitude which I so appreciated. I also work in retail and strive to give top notch service so it is alwasy so refreshing to be receiving it. Kudos to Francis; she is truly gold. I

  255. Betty says:

    I am 84 years old and Judy helped me in a lot of ways. I hadn’t bought bras for several years and after going to CURVES for quite some time my figure had changed. Also I had bought a blouse several weeks ago at JCP and knew I needed a black bra to wear underneath it. She helped me to find the right size, the right fit. There was only one bra of that size and make on the rack. Judy left floor to a store room, I guess and found another for me in another color.

  256. dave says:

    we always find something we need at a good price. the store is neat and the staff is pleaasant and helpful.

  257. Arnetta says:

    Wonderful store. Just need to have more space between the isles.

  258. jim says:

    joel was extremely helpful as well as friendly ,even when I returned twice with more questions about my shoe purchase before leaving the store. this meant more work for him but he repeatedly assured me that it was no problem. he is most certainly a top notch employee !

  259. Erica says:

    Great service!

  260. Becky says:

    I enjoy shopping at JCP

  261. Judy says:

    Sally was amazingly helpful at the Ogden Penny’s. I was giving up and she helped me find two pair of dress pants in a short Petite! I will search her out for help anytime!
    Thrilled customer

  262. Janet says:

    Associate was very friendly . She was helpful, assisting me to utilize my discount to my order. I enjoy shoppping at Penneys most fo the time. They have quality merchandise, offer frequent sales plus coupons,rewars program which is important to me. I’m asenior citizen.

  263. joe says:


  264. Kimyata says:

    Customer service at Southpark Mall in Strongsville,Ohio was very helpful and friendly.

  265. elizabeth says:

    I still am waiting for my 15% off coipon

  266. Carrol says:

    Iwas happy with my service.

  267. Denis says:

    Service was a lot better. The checker, Neenu was very helpful and friendly, though.

  268. christine says:

    ashopping experience at jcpenney is always good and helpful

  269. christine says:

    shopping experience at jcpenney is always good and helpful

  270. christine says:

    my shopping experience at jcpenney is always good and i always get good deals

  271. patti says:

    Larry at local store was a whiz

  272. Doris says:

    I was helped by Beverly who was very kind and accommodating on 9/12/11

  273. Cathy says:

    I can always find things that I need or want at a good price.

  274. Ginger says:

    I love JCPenney, and always have. I have gone to ypur store even when I lived in California, and shopping there has always been a great, even fun experience. When I get up to the register to pay for my items,I feel like jumping for joy! Its because, by the time the cashier takes the coupons and applies the sale prices, the item is practically free! I love it! Thank you JCPenney!!!!!!

  275. Barb says:

    Easy and quick to use.

  276. Gloria says:

    Monica helped me look for a bread keeper which you did not carry but was very nice told me to order on line

  277. janet says:

    great store enjoy shopping at penneys

  278. Jose V. Alvarado says:

    Mrs. Maria of the mens shoes department was very please to help me fine the pair of shoes I was looking for. The jcpenney Store of Florida Center should fill very proud to have employees like Mrs. Maria.

  279. Terrry says:

    Could not use receipt from watch purchased Aug. 29, 2011. Have been sick and could not submit sooner. Should be able to use for a long period than whatevr you are allowing.

  280. emeraldedmonds says:

    thanks jim
    your service was outstanding.

  281. Marilyn says:

    Outstanding service as well as great sale prices and discount offers. I love JCP. Marilyn

  282. Anonymous says:

    help me

  283. betty says:

    excelente servicio

  284. charles says:

    sales associate was very helpful. gave good service.

  285. Joyce says:

    Shopping at JCPenneys weas such a pleasure. Husband was looking for an outfit for a wedding, such help we got even right down to the tie(s). We decided on a short jacket, 2 dress shirts (beige and a white one) and 2 ties as this was going to be out of town and not sure how dressing for the 2 day event would be. I am pleased with the service and he is all set. Now it is my turn to look at Penneys and see what I find.

  286. nellie says:

    luv these coupon

  287. Syrlene says:

    Service was great and so was the merchandise

  288. patricia says:

    kUDOS TO DANNY!!!!!

  289. kelly says:

    I love shopping at JCP everyone is very helpful.

  290. nancy says:

    My shopping at JC Penny was great

  291. Lea says:

    Chyla knew her merchandise and how it was used.

  292. Linda says:

    excellent sale, bought numerous items for kids and several xmas presents

  293. debbie says:

    they were very friendly

  294. elsie says:

    Dawn was very pleaeant and very helpful

  295. Karol says:

    I was very satisfied with the customer service I received here at JCPenney and that what keeps me coming back.

  296. gwen says:

    The person who helped me was very helpful she assisted me in several areas children,jrs., and luggage

  297. Sue says:

    my shopping trip to J.C. Penny was very pleasant all associate were very helpful and friendlu

  298. Pat says:

    Tyra H. was very competent and efficient is completing my transaction today. She greeted me with a big smile and made me feel happy I chose to shop at Penney’s.

  299. Brenda says:

    Great service on one of the busiest days I have EVER been to. I have been in your stores on holiday weekends, black fridays and all but due to the weather labor day, EVERYONE CAME OUT!!The staff at your store was very accomodating. THANK YOU!

  300. Nenette says:

    I went shopping today at JC Penney Home Department.Bobby, the store clerk was very accomodating and helpful.I found a big pillow that match with my bed and he look online to see where can i find the same design,on their other stores, coz they only have one left.Also the lady in curtain sections are nice too.I have fun shopping at JC Penny Home Department.I will surely visit the store again.

  301. Zainab says:

    I am really happy with the service that Ayan has done for

  302. Sandy says:

    The store was wonderful the service was great!!!

  303. Gayle says:

    Laura from the Sophora dept gave great survice when I have questions about product.

  304. erin says:

    i received very good service on sun 12/20/2011.i enjoy shopping here

  305. rene says:

    The store was great and the people were really nice.

  306. Jackie says:

    Barbara T at the JC Penney”s in Wilmington Del went out of her way to help me today, Great Customer Service. And thank you Barbara for the Coupon :)

  307. Bernadette says:

    B4 I have always shopped at Penny’s until the year 2010 I stopped because I was humiliated by employees. To make a long story short I was followed out by a manager r whtevr he was. As I was walking out n2 the parking. He asked if he could look n my bag. I tried to hand him my bag but he wouldn’t touch so I opened it up so he could look n2 it. I used to go to Penny’s 4 to 5x’s a week. Spending quite a but of money but when the happened I stopped shopping. Started going to Dillards and Macy’s instead. On Wednesday of Aug 7th I was giving a friend a ride home. He needed to stop at JcPenny’s on 48th and Ray n Chandler Az. He end-up getting me a Az Cardinals jersey tht I liked. When I got it didn’t fit. So I made my way to Casa Grande Az. A very nice girl went out of her way to help me. Unfortunately I don’t recall her name. Tht was the store I shopped at a lot until incident happened. She went online checked alll stores to help me find my size. I ended up leaving my number w/her. She called Chandler store where I originally got the jersey. The lady the helped me name was Peggy at the Chandler store. Because of these 2 going out of there way to help me. I am going back to JcPenny. Thank you for ur excellent customer service Peggy!!..

  308. Eva says:

    Criselda was very helping with my return of items.

  309. judy says:

    I like the name brands and the affordability of Pennys. The sales people are very helpfull.

  310. kelli says:

    I shopped at the Park city mall in Lancaster PA. My shopping experience is always great at this store. I do almost all of my shopping here. I usually always find exactly what I am looking for. The sales associates are always helpful and nice too.

  311. Kathy says:

    I had a great experience with jcpenney salon at the mentor mall very nice people

  312. Debbie says:

    Had lots of fun shopping at JC Penney yesterday.. bought a sweet little sleeper for my grand daughter. :)

  313. Nancy says:

    I’ve been trying to bring up the survey, but I’m getting everything but on my computer. I thought this would be a 5 minute thing to complete, but I have spent close to an hour now just trying to find the survey to fill out.

  314. Mary says:

    Jackie was very nice and cooperative in re-checking a price for us.

  315. Clasina says:

    Personnel is always courteous and willing to help.

  316. Carolyn says:

    Good sale

  317. jacob says:

    i got my shorts while a great sell was going on

  318. Gena says:

    Shirl and Kristal were so pleasant and helpful today that this necessary shopping trip was transformed into a fun experience. Thank you for the great service!

  319. Pete says:

    Meagen S was very helpful in finding a shirt for me to wear to my son’s wedding today. She found the correct color and size in record time. She was quite knowledgeable about J C Penney products and found the exact shirt I needed in no time at all. Thanks, Meagen!

  320. Barb says:

    I shopped at J.C. Penny last Monday and at the check was the nicest employee that I have ever met at J.C. Penny. Her name is Susan Ford and she works at the Genessee Valley Mall J.C. Penny store. She was very, very nice, very polite and it was refreshing to see that she was actually willing to take the time to make the customer feel wanted, and welcomed. It was a very hectic shopping day for all the sales people that day also, since it was back to school shopping and very busy.

  321. Diane says:

    Received wonderful service.

  322. barb says:

    JC Penney is one of the best stores to shop for nearly everything that you need. The clerk was most helpful in the home department.

  323. Larry says:

    Alan was very helpful while I was checking out after my purchase. In fact on my way out of the store I discovered more items I needed to purchase.

  324. betty says:

    Great customer service each time I shop @ penney’s stores.

  325. Ann says:

    My last shopping trip to JCP was great. The salesclerk was most helpful and very pleasant. Mulki knew just were to find the items that I was shopping for and was very pleasant.

  326. CAROL says:


  327. norm says:

    you could give more time on the survey pass i did not know it would be for the next day i would have waited/////////

  328. martha morales says:

    I likes to shopping because always i found cheap every thing thanx you jcpenney

  329. Janet says:

    I was very pleased at the service I received by Dena on 9/7/11

  330. Freida says:

    It is always pleasant to shop at JCPenneys, ther is a wide variety of choices to choose
    from. The staff is pleasant and helpful

  331. Barbara says:

    My visit was very enjoyable.

  332. faye says:

    store is nice and clean

  333. michael charnley says:

    Rosario was very helpful with finding me the right shoes i needed.

  334. margaret says:

    Always enjoy shopping at JCP. Staff are willing and friendly and the selection of goods is great.

  335. Julie says:

    Service was great. Sales associate was very accommodating and helpful.

  336. Olivia says:

    I was pleased with the service I received on 9/10/11 in the make-up department. I was browsing in the perfume section when I was approached by the store clerk and she was very helpful and very hospitable. She gave some samples of the perfume I was thinking of purchasing. She encourage me to try another scent to my liking, my husband came by to see how I was doing and the store clerk encouraged my husband to try on some men’s cologne and he did and was also given a free sample of the favorite cologne he liked. I was very much pleased with the store clerks personality and deameanor.

  337. Louise says:

    Had a good day at jcpenney. The remodeling is comming along. The jewelry counter puts way to much presure to purchase some thing. Wont stop there any more as they do not give a person time to look.

  338. Beverly says:

    Brice was very nice.Found what I was looking for. Had fun shopping

  339. Doll says:

    Martha made shopping at Pennys’ fun.I shop at Pannys’ all of the time.

  340. Nancy says:

    I have tried now for 1/2 hour to get something that will allow me to take the survey and I get everything but. I have clicked on about 40 sites that said and I still can not get a form to fill out. I have an Access Code, but can not find a form that asks for it. I did get one form, but it asked for my cell phone number. I do not have a cell phone, so I put in my land line number but could not advance as I was told it was an incorrect cell phone number. Am I expected to go out and buy a cell phone JUST to take your servey? I have wasted too much time just trying to get whatever form I need in order to take the survey. Nancy

  341. Ron says:

    Yvonne assisted me with a gift exchange; she didn’t just point me in the right direction or tell me how to get there she walked me to the area and proceeded to help me select my size so that I would have an exact exchange. She then walked with me back to Customer Service and processed the gift exchange. She was polite, efficient and smiled during the transaction. I will visit this store again.

  342. gloria says:

    had a nice time shopping there, good sales. the store was neat and clean.

  343. shawnee says:

    Excellent service

  344. Janet Latta says:

    Katie was very helpful.

  345. Lupe says:

    After waiting for about 30 minutes, a sales lady by the name of Irma showe up to help me. She found the shoes I needed and the size right away and proceeded to check me out and was done in no time at all. My thanks to Irma. I was able to get a deal on a pair of shoes and two sport outfits.

  346. Lisa says:

    My visit at Jcpenney was great. I went there to buy pillows for my bed. I found not only the pillows for my bed but a great deal for them. Thank you Jcpenney. I will always be a valued customer at your stores.

  347. Nancy says:

    Nick was the young man who helped me. He was very helpful and patient so that I ended up with the product that I wanted even though I had to make color and size changes.

  348. sherry says:

    i love jcp

  349. Christine says:

    I always find great sale prices on jeans at JC Penneys. I’ve never had a bad experience in any of their stores. Always great help from clerks.

  350. Alice says:

    JCPenney is one of my favorite stores. I love the discounts on Liz Claiborne things.

  351. Balvina says:

    I am a very happy jc penny customer.

  352. GERALDINE says:


  353. Diane says:

    The salespeople are always so helpful. They are familiar with all the products and know where they are located. I appreciate their tact and good taste, as well. The store is clean, organized and well-stocked. I do make alot of on-line orders as well, and I am equally pleased with the merchandise and speed of service. Thank you for your excellent service!

  354. Sharon says:

    I thought the survey was a good vehicle to describe my shopping experience at JCP. I think more stores should have such an instrument such as your survey.

  355. Nuta says:

    great service in Broward mall,JCP

  356. lynda says:


  357. velva says:

    everything when fine. Employee’s very courteous.

  358. Loretta says:

    Had a very good experience with two associates, Danny in the
    Home dept and Linda in the Ladies Wear. Enjoy shopping at
    Penney’s as long as people this nice are there to wait on me.
    Also enjoyed the “new look” after the remodel!

  359. Dallas says:

    Betty was helpful in checking us out at register. Another clerk {male} was as well in young-mens dept.

  360. Brenda says:

    I had a fun day shopping in JC Penney. The sales were great! I like to make my dollars go further. I can always depend on JC Penney to have great deals. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Their jewelry sales are the best!

  361. Winifred says:

    The customer service person was polite

  362. Jo Ann says:

    Love the emails… you send me. about upcoming events.
    store is clean and well organized.

  363. Thomas says:

    I went to your Auburn Maine store to find a suit jacket, tie and shirt for a special occassion,(the last one I purchased was over 10 years ago at JCP). I’m the type of guy that hates shopping for clothes and loose interest if I don’t find what I want in 15 minutes. Finding a jacket I went to your clerk, Michelle G to ask her opinion. I needed a short. She took me back, and with a great deal of patience on her part, she picked out my jacket, shirt, tie and bar. Great job on her part!

  364. Lydia says:

    I was very happy with the service. The young lady was very nice and helpful. The service was very fast and I was helped with a smile. I think Tecoyia is a great employee and a benefit for your store.

  365. Bonnie says:

    Mary Lou in the children department was very helpful and p plsant I missed placed my coupon and then
    I found it in my pocket she returned everything and rang them up again so i could get my discount.
    i have never meet anyone more helpful than she was and did it all with a smile. i love JC Penny’s.
    and there associates.

  366. james says:

    The sales people are very helpful and the products are great!

  367. Dolores says:

    The salesperson in the drapery department was very helpful.

  368. ruby says:

    Great price good service

  369. joginder says:

    it was excellent

  370. Anna says:

    Im always very pleased with shopping and people what working in store

  371. Anna Teresa says:

    Im always very pleased with shopping and people what working in store

  372. Diane says:

    Every time I shop at Penney’s the people are very courteous and helpful. Great customer service.

  373. barbara says:

    sales clerk are so helpful & friendly.

  374. chidubem says:

    your customer services in the women’s department was excellent.

  375. danielle says:

    i love shoping at jcp!

  376. randy says:

    great shopping experiance

  377. MYRTLE says:


  378. Johnnie says:

    This visit was delightful. There were two people at the check-out counter. Both were very friendly and willing to check me out. The one that checked me out explained the survey. Her name was Valerie.

  379. Carol says:

    All went well but was hoping my purchase was on sale and it wasn’t. My clerk Liz P. U

  380. Sue says:

    I was looking for a certain type of undergarment for my daughter and the lady in that department was very helpful. She even helped me look on the discount table that I began looking at. Thank you so much.

  381. Becky says:

    I could not find the shoes i needed so i called the layton, Utah store, on 09/08/11 and the girl on the phone was just covering for the shoe department, she worked in accessories, she was very helpful and did everything she could to locate the item i needed. I did not get her name but i appreciate her going above and beyond to help me. THANK YOU

  382. gwendolyn haynes says:

    I am visiting froM illinois and I was very happy with the customer service and the sale was great! Thank you

  383. Felix Colon says:

    Envie la encuesta pero no pude printear la oferta, Si puede enviela por correo electronico.

  384. Leah says:

    Very helpful staff – offered to help us find the products we wanted in linens – waited patiently while we took our time – prompt checkout with a smile

    Joan was our salesperson – she did an excellent job and explained the savings to us from our coupon clearly.

  385. Felix Colon says:

    Very good

  386. Mary says:

    I am always pleased with jcp. All items are easily marked, sales are marked, the store is clean and I go there often.

  387. Priscilla says:

    Bonnie at the check out was fast and efficient and there was another lady carrying a clipboard who directed me to what I was looking for.

  388. Betty says:

    I always find something @ JCPenney on sale that I need.

  389. jo says:

    the sales clerk ashley was very helpful and curtius

  390. evelyn says:

    great service

  391. patricia says:


  392. sheryl says:

    the line was long and cashier was rude. needed more cashiers for per store.

  393. Candice says:

    I love jcp kids clothes,so I will enjoy a15% off my next purchase.

  394. kathleen says:

    i enterede my code it said try again i did whaqt are you playing at i enter it right same thing …

  395. Robert says:

    The Pillow that was not available in the Goldsboro store. The associate called other stores in this region. It was not available..We call the Raleigh JCPenny store#1603 and it was in stock. They shipped it out and it arrived in two days. We were very appreciative for the fine help to get the two matching pillows we wanted…

  396. Hellen says:

    I was Highly Satisfied with Sales Person Shelley, #2. She was knowledgeable about my purchase and very helpful. Her presentation was welcoming and very pleasant. Keep up the good work! A satisfied shopper, says Thanks. Hellen

  397. Ana says:

    JCpenny is my favorite store. I always find what I am looking for. I am very satisfy of every thing that I buy. There are very profesional staff.

  398. Delia says:

    I couldn’t access your survey

  399. Cora says:

    I like when the sales reps help me find what I am looking for

  400. Lucille says:

    Bobbi was very helpful and efficient at the register.

  401. Dixie says:

    Great service

  402. Lucy says:

    good sales

  403. Crystal says:

    My shoping experience in the make-up department was awsome. I was very pleased with the service thay Lea provided me. She answered all my questions and gave me excellent advice.

  404. rick says:


  405. ann says:

    I love the selection & prices. I always know where to go when shopping for my daughter.

  406. Irene says:

    I shopped in the curtain department at the Woodfield, Ill. store on 9/07/11 and was very well taken care of by Jean.

  407. christine says:

    Had a great experience in the kids department

  408. PujA says:

    Good service

  409. Mona says:

    15% off sounds really good to me. It really helps.. Pricia was really helpful.

  410. Barbara, says:

    Linda was very helpfull.

  411. clive says:

    on sept 2nd ddelores was great in helping me get my discounts she was of great help.

  412. Becky says:

    Timely delivery to the store. Excellent customer service. Friendly, efficient and great prices.

  413. chris says:

    The sales representative was vey helpful. Thank goodness for jcp. They have great sales for every member of my family.

  414. Vern says:

    Great help from Kenneth at the register and on the floor in the men’s department.

  415. Karen says:

    Found a dressy dress and am very happy with it!!

  416. JoAnne says:

    I want to emphasize that on Septembver 3, current, The sales associate Lorna, was such a help to me. Courteous, Knowledgable, even helping me locate items I wanted. She really made my shopping a true pleasure in every sense of the word.

  417. Cindy says:

    the 15% really helped!! Thanks

  418. Daniel says:

    Terrific value in men’s clothing.

  419. Barbara says:

    always a pleasurey

  420. Andrea says:

    Great, fast check out!

  421. Eddiena says:

    15% sounds good but I’m told access code could not be accepted

  422. Jamie says:

    The item I wished to purchase was not available in the store. The young lady (named Ashton) at the catalog desk (I really miss the big catalog – but understand why it was discontinued) used the info from the label in my clothing to order the slacks I wished to purchase. She was very helpful and courteous.

  423. cherry says:

    store visit was a pleasant oney s

  424. Bob says:

    Great service from Brittany & nice atmosphere.

  425. Ray says:

    Thank you for your excellent, friendly staff in Vero Beach. They always keep you up to date with the daily specials and new merchandise.

  426. Myra says:

    Love the idea we have a JCP in New York City. They everything you need and always great sales. Staff is always helpful. Candau the cashier was every helpful and polite.

  427. erica says:

    Sales rep. were very helpful in finding exactly what i needed. The prices were great, especially with the different types of discount you.Enjoy shopping at JcPenny. Very good department store.

  428. Elizabeth says:

    Shoe Department was very helpful salesperson’s name was Deborse

  429. patricia says:

    The young plus size girls clothing dept. is unreal,and so needed to give us the tool to be able to dress our young girls for their age,and to be able to be able to find in style clothes like all other girls are wearing is a answer to my prayer,and our girls smile,and feel so good. Your clothes are priced so affordable esp. at the clearance areas,and using your coupons. I thank you so very much,and the stores are clean,and the sales people are so pleasant,and makes me feel wanted in their store. I love going there,please continue to send coupons,and offer us the girls plus size,I can show you the proff in my girls face. THANKS,and GOD BLESS YOU ALL… From The Gibsons in Richmond,Va 23228

  430. Ruth Morgan says:

    I enjoy shopping @ store #1927, Dorthy Stanley and others are very helpfull.

  431. REGGIE says:


  432. kathi says:

    JCPenney is s always the first stop for me in the Aviation Mall.

    These coupons are such a big help and most appreciated, and I love the merchandise. The survey is fast and easy to take also.

  433. Edward says:

    Good service.

  434. mari at bofa says:

    Juanita was very friendly, attentive and extremely helpful. I was not having any success shopping for a short sleeve white blouse withiin Eastridge mall when I happened to notice the recently added MNG line. Needless to say, I found the blouse…and much more! I shared the fact that I hadnt shopped in JCP for at least 2 yrs but with it’s updated look and added Sephora and MNG line, I couldnt wait to come back again!

  435. Raul says:


  436. Debra says:

    Access code 1927 170 3008 090611 1448 4
    Thanks for all the help in the Parkersburg WV store from Diane she was very helpful and knew just what I wanted from me just telling her she is a good listener and not just there thinking she knew what I wanted. Thank You Diane!!!!!

  437. Tzer says:

    I love your petite department. My friend and I purchased all of our party’s dresses from JC Penny. Thanks to all the great sales staff.

  438. Ken says:

    Very nice experience. No problems other than always asking the customer to open a charge account everytime an item is purchased.

  439. Debra says:

    I was very satisfied with the service I recieved from Diane at the Parkersburg WV. store while I was trying to find a suit for my husband.
    Thank You for your help Diane!!!!

  440. Mary says:

    I was very pleased with the merchandise, the prices, and the customer courtesy.

  441. Nancy says:

    I just completed your survey — took a number of minutes to complete, which I did not mind. I am, however, very frustrated as the coupon would not print out. There is nothing wrong with my printer or computer! The coupon however would not print. I spent my time with the hope of at least getting a 15% coupon to find that your system would not allow the coupon to be printed. I am not happy!

  442. Nancy says:

    I absolutely love JC Pennys. Your merchandise is affordable and of very good quality. I frequent the store weekly. Your bedding and household department is excellent. I always find just what I need. Your men’s department is also wonderful. The man in my life is always well dressed with merchandise from your store. I have made numerous purchases in most of your departments, particularly your petite area, lingerie, shoes and fine jewely. Thank you . . . . Thank you. Do not change!!! You are the best!
    P.S. Your sales staff are also very helpful, professional and pleasant to deal with.

  443. Shirley says:

    My husband and i went to the Spencer Iowa JCPennys store for sheets on 12/4/2011 the lady that helped us her name is Sherry she is so nice helpfull full of energy just one of the most wonderful people that have helped me out in such a long time so thank you sherry and my savings of 240.02 was nice as well.

  444. Irma says:

    muy buenas ofertas

  445. rosemary says:

    It all went well/thank you

  446. mary says:

    Great deals great prices great stuff

  447. denise says:

    Filling out the survey went very well.
    It was easy
    I appreciate receiving the coupon for 15% discount for a one day shopping Pass
    Thank you

  448. Helen says:

    I had some extra time and I had received a $10 Liz Claiborne coupon by email from jcpenney. When I got to the check out register, they said it was not their coupon and could not honor it. Therefore I did not purchase the item I was going to, but found some other good buys.

    The coupon is still on the computer today.

  449. Patricia says:

    My shopping experience in the bedding department was excellent and I was able to locate the bedding that I wanted in a very short amount of time. My total savings were $137.87 and the cashier was very pleasant and helpful.

  450. JoAnne says:

    On September 3rd, I had occassion to go to JCP for a return and for shopping. 3 sales associates helped me. They were very friendly, knowledgeable and answered my questions and helped me find items that I wanted to purchase. Lorna, Emily, and Resina, are to be complimented because of their caring attitudes toward the customer.

  451. Cindy says:

    It seems I’m doing all my shopping at Penney’s. Good price and quality of merchandise.

  452. teresita says:

    great discounts, very accomodating employee, Mark.

  453. Donna says:

    I love your store. You always have good products and good prices. I am very satisfied with tour store.

  454. darryl says:

    my wife and I had a very helpful knowledgeble sales person in jack buying a mattress in the northridge j.c. penney’s. He spent a lot of time with us and i would definitely recommend him to anybody needing help finding a mattress.

  455. Mer says:

    There was no problem filling out the survey. Thank you. Shopping went well, the staff member, Daria, answered a question for me, and sent me directly to the item I wished for.

  456. Elizabeth says:

    My customer service person at check out was Shaela and she provided great service, processing my return and new purchases with efficiency and friendly courtesy. I always have good experiences shopping at JCP.

  457. Nilda says:

    I was assisted by Melissa at the NYC store on 34th Street, she was very sweet and helpful she helped us with coupons and extra savings ideas. She was very patient.

  458. Gerildine says:

    Excellent service from customer service. They provided respect, care of clothing, and jewlery items.

  459. Elizabeth Rehm says:

    I was assisted in the bedding department and then in customer service department by Rhonda who checked us out. All people were pleasant and made our experience good.

  460. Rita Angelotti says:

    Sales person very helpful great experience

  461. John W. Gorsline says:

    My wife said the discounts on her underwired bras, and sale prices for her panties were very good. The sale price for Staffords blended men’s boxer shorts were also pretty good. We also purchased 300 TC queen size sheet sets that were on sale, plus we were also able to use the $15 & $20 coupons.

  462. Olga says:


  463. patty says:

    Joan was very helpful!

  464. Lucy says:

    cashier was very nice, polite and helpful.

  465. Yuki says:

    I seem to find more bargains and quality items at JC Penny. The stores are always so clean and the layouts are beautiful.

  466. Brenda says:

    I was treated very professional and was very pleased with my hair style. Look forward to returning to JC Penny hair salon.

  467. Carol says:

    The JCPenney store in our area always provides good service. For this transaction Soudie handled my return in a very efficient and professional manner.

  468. hazel says:

    great sales person .he offered to assist with heavy package

  469. Kelly says:

    Very friendly

  470. Golnaz says:

    I like JC penney because you can buy good material stuff by low prices.

  471. Nancy says:

    I purchased a pair of boots and the clerk was more than friendly. Nice job on her part.

  472. adicelio says:

    i like rose the cashier is very very nice with the customers

  473. BINDU says:


  474. Julianne says:

    My experience in teh Pennys Store today was very good. The salesperson who waited on me, Bev, was extremely helpful in helping me with my check-out of purchases. She was pleasant and very professional.

  475. Bertha says:

    I was treated like I was special. The sales lady tried to help me in anyway she could.

  476. Robin says:

    Just got back from J.C. Penny’s with a super sale!!!!!!!! The salesperson was a lady named Dolores. My husband and I couldn’t decide on the curtains and this lady went to great lenghts to please us. Needless to say the rods were on sale too! We need curtains despertly and are excited to put them up……….
    So Thankyou Delores for being their hands on. Much thanks…..Sincerly
    Ed and Robin from the J.C.Penny’s @ Temecula,Ca.Stroke and cancer survivor, we really need the shade!

  477. Kathy says:

    Friendly salesperson.

  478. Debbie says:

    I was trying to find a black t-shirt with a collar.Kim in the mens dept,was very helpful helping me with the size since there wasn’t any in the woman’s dept.Loved her Energy and friendliness.

  479. Wanda says:

    I like shopping at J C Penny . The store have great sales.

  480. Wanda says:

    I like shopping at J C Penny all though Ithink the prices are alittle expensive.

  481. joshua says:

    it is a wonderful store to shop at

  482. brandy says:

    great store

  483. bobbi says:

    had a nice shopping afternoon at penneys.but when I got home I took the penneys survey and was never able to recieve the 15% off coupon. very dissapointed.

  484. bobbi says:

    shoped at penneys last week the staff very friendly and helpful. I tried to take the customer survey and was never able to print 20% off after I finished the survey very Dissapointed.

  485. peggy says:

    love all the products &services

  486. AMANDO says:

    Your sales girl, Shyane is very helpul and accomodating.

  487. Alberta says:

    sales lady was pleasant.

  488. Ella says:

    I was looking for some black shoes. An associate name Betty in the shoe department was very helpful. She order the shoes that came in time for me to wear the heels in my neice wedding.

  489. nadeem says:

    We visited the store to buy shoes, the cashier was friendly and helpful. WE ARE pleased and happy with the price and service. Thanks.
    Keep up the good job…JCPenny

  490. valarie says:

    great sale on infant items

  491. Polly says:

    JCPenney employees, Kelly and Beth, were very helpful to me and very
    pleasant to do business with. Recently, Jayne (another cahier) went way beyond the normal call of duty to help me find what I was looking for.
    I so appreciate this kind of service and I will shop JCPenneys every
    chance I get.

  492. Rosemary says:

    great sales very nice sales lady

  493. mary says:

    Myron and Zellma made my return transaction so easy, no problems ..very pleased..

  494. Janie says:

    We were able to purchase clothes for a teen at a reasonable price. My husband found an item of clothing he wanted. This was a second shopping trip to your store for our teen.

  495. pat says:

    We got what we were lokking for. Great help in the kids department and sweet girl at checkout. All in all a great day!

  496. Allen says:

    Chris did great job with our survices

  497. bill says:

    first time in freehold store in a long time.. even though going thru renovations , everyone i came in contact with was pleasant and very accommo dating. great experience .. will be coming back soon got great price on some dress shirts

  498. barbara says:

    Two very helpful clerks

  499. Earl says:

    had a great shoping experiance. actually got an extra 10% off as the store cashier gave me an additional 10% since i forgot my coupon at the house.

  500. Amy says:

    The help was very pleasant, and very informative. Great selection of window treatments.

  501. debby says:

    ashley jenkins was a great help in the store

  502. Pam says:

    We really enjoyed our shopping experience at JC Penney. The Prices are reasonable and the staff is so friendly.

  503. amanda says:

    Great Customer Service Everytime!

  504. Felix says:

    I like Carol,at the cashier shes nice & helful

  505. reba says:

    I really saved alot of money and got exactly what I needed. My son needed a new suit for homecoming at his school. The suit is beautiful. We also got a wonderful price on shoes.

  506. elizabeth lopez says:

    i love shopping at jcp the quality of the merchandise is terriffic and the prices too. i shop every saturday at the door busters. love it

  507. Robert says:

    Employee ANGEL served me so good. She was so helpful, nice and decent while smiling served with joy. I appreciated her very much.

  508. paul says:


  509. Fonda says:

    the sale person was very nice

  510. carlos says:

    Thank you for being my hairdresser. you always know how i like my haircuts. Adrian is always so friendly and professional.

  511. Arlene says:

    Great sales with $10.00 off of $25.00, I just wish a few more sales would come in the mail, for people that don’t use credit cards.

  512. Willodean T homas says:

    A very good experience…

  513. leisa says:

    Very friendly checkout Service.

  514. Sandra says:

    My son and I had a very pleasent shopping experience today. The jewelry associate Jill was very helpful and patient.

  515. sharon says:

    Always enjoy going to JC Pennys.

  516. Rose says:

    Bought several items on sale last 09/01/11. ALMA was the sales lady who helped me. She was very nice, courteous, and had a great smile!!! I glad I was able to save quite a bit on my purchases.

  517. Kathy says:

    Salespersons were not very attentive but my checkout went fast. There was a long line but they opened up a register for me. Nice!

  518. Betty says:

    I usually have a very good experience at Penny’s.

  519. Gloria says:

    We had Excellent service in Home furnishings.

  520. Geraldine says:

    I enjoyed shopping at J.C. Pennys The store was neat and clean also I visited the rest rooms they were clean also.

  521. George says:

    I lshopping expierience at JPC and tenders were friendlyiked my

  522. Nancy says:

    JC Penny’s is a great place to shop. The prices are are sometimes better than the lower cost stores and you can be sure of quality. I will continue to shop at JC Penny’s and coupons off your purchase price are just an extra benefit.

  523. gloria talamantes says:

    enjoyed shopping salelady helpful

  524. julie says:

    sept.5th I am making a note on helpful my clerk was with my purchases….

  525. Pat says:

    very easy to use, thank you!

  526. patsy says:

    my shopping is always good at penny’s that is why i shop there….

  527. Donna says:

    I was looking for a certain bed spread, there was only the display on the floor, Lois was very kind and helpful by going in the back to find me the right one, she was pleasant, fun and very helpful to me. I feel that she went out of her way to help me, it was a very busy day and she handled everyone with professionalism

  528. Suzy says:

    Rachel Bills is extraordinary!

  529. Cathy says:

    Had a great shopping experience, when asked for assistance everyone was quick to respond. Never had any problems.

  530. Mike says:

    Laura Risk was you salesperson and she was outstanding, enough said!!

  531. tara says:

    cashier in sterling colorado was very helpful. Her name is Kisha and her happy smile and help was awesome.

  532. Emie says:

    I got what I wanted and I was satisfiend.

  533. audrey franks says:

    I enjoyed my shopping experiance and the people are friendly..

  534. Mae says:

    Good service, article wanted on sale and available

  535. Dolores says:

    I was very satisfied with the clerk that helped me make a puchase today

  536. pauline says:

    june in dresses was so pleasant and helpful – it was delightful shopping experience.

  537. Sharon says:

    I shop JCP a lot, always find good deals. They have a good selection to choose from

  538. celia says:

    had a very pleasant visit today. the stocking clerk was very helpful. the item I was looking for was not in stock. he not only helped me search for the cover that i needed but he directed me to the place where i could order on line. the cashier was very pleasant too, she helped me look for the right color and placed the order for me.

  539. valarie says:

    I love shopping at JCP

  540. Lucy says:

    Satisfactory experience. Found what I needed.
    Teresa V. did a fine job

  541. Linda says:

    The sales person was very helpful.

  542. Ellen says:

    I love shopping at JCP.

  543. Sheila says:

    Ever sales pearson was so help full thanks

  544. Carmen says:

    access code 2965 071 8564 090411 1607 8
    I bought some product at the Sephora store on Center Point, Colorado Springs. Someone, probably a customer had spilled powered blush on the floor by the checkout counter. I did not notice this and laid my purse (a brand new one) on the floor. I ended up getting the power all over my purse and had trouble getting it off. Finally one of your reps gave me a wet tissue to see if it would help. When I was paying I noticed that right behind the counte, someone had also dropped and broken some power on the floor. While you had PLENTY of reps there that weren’t busy they called someone from maintenance to come and clean it up. There was NO EXCUSE for any one of them not attempting to clean up (pick up) with a tissue. INCREDIBLE!

  545. Carmen says:

    Melinda was a great cashier.

  546. Terrance says:

    I think the 7 day time frame is too restrictive and that 14 days would be better.

  547. ADONNA says:


  548. jana says:

    I always enjoy jcpenny its conveineint prices good and service satisfactory.I live close by in chillicothe.

  549. frances says:

    I got several good bargain on back to school clothes good quality the boys likethe selection of novility tee shirts

  550. Karin says:

    On 9/01/11 I was in JC Penney, Valdosta, Ga., home dept. looking for window covering. Mrs Pam W. was very knowledgable, courteous and helpful.

  551. Rhonda says:

    Elaine at the Edgewater Mall salon here in Biloxi,Ms is awesome!! Always does a great job on styling my hair!

  552. Selena says:

    The items that I ourchase was great.

  553. Stacy Wood says:

    My favorite place to shop. Has good deals all the time.

  554. rosa says:

    the asosiates were very helpful and the sales person very nice

  555. RENEA says:


  556. brenda says:

    the salesperson was very helpeful

  557. jo morris says:

    my experience at the store was very nice. personnel assisted me in finding my eventual purchase.

    the atmosphere at the store was very nice. the personnel assisted me in finding my purchase.

  558. jo morris says:

    the store personnel were very friendly and helpful.

  559. sheron says:

    the sales person was very helpful

  560. Judy says:

    Yasmeen was very helpful and knowledgeable with the jewelry boxes. The guard that greets the customers at the door is a very nice touch and quite inviting.

  561. brenda says:


  562. Brenda says:

    The cashier Ms. Connie N. 5 was very helpful with my purchase and questions. She seemed to be concerned genuiely about my obtaining the purchased I wanted. I was pleased with her assistance and my purchased.

  563. Rochelle says:

    The last time I visited Pennys,all the sales ladies were very nice and helpful, especially Charlie Highey.Thank-you.

  564. connie says:

    clerk was so helpfull .she know everything about her poduct.

  565. Dawn M Castrova says:

    Becky in Catalog an employee stopped us from purchasing an Chi flat iron. With stressing her stern advice that the item was not for sale due to the salon be closed. Within the last 15 min of closing at location store 0067 on 9/4/11. another Sales associates (0775) cashier saw our disappointment. asked us what was wrong we explained and she gave us her personal attention and helped us get the item for purchase.
    My husband and myself thought you should be knowledgable with the complaint and behavior of the sales person Becky. Giving your company a bad reputation with other customers.

  566. joyce says:

    It took too long.

  567. Doris says:

    Great prices, quality of products, and service.

  568. DAWNE says:

    On 9/4/11 my family and I came in to buy shoes and clothes for school and I would have to say your employee Eddie in shoes, was one of the best customer service advisers that I came around in a long time. He was very professional along with meeting everyones needs. He maltitasked like no buddies business. Mind you it was sunday and I was tired and grumpy and I left in a great mood and he and Eric had us laughing. It was so busy and there were customers that where nasty to them and ruid. Eddie was a delight and very on top of his game and Eric too. Them working together will bring us back to shop again. I has been about 3 years since I:ve shopped at JCP..we will be back……..
    My kids think EDDIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  569. Anonymous says:

    i love your clothes

  570. Karry says:

    Your Worthington and St Johns Bay slacks and cords are great, and true to size!! I shopped Kohls, Younkers and Fashion Bug this weekend and did not find the fit and quality of these. I am an older shopper and in-between plus sizes and misses sizes. I find that size 14 works for me sometimes, and sometimes it’s 14W. Regardless, the fabric, fit and overall appearance is perfect for me at work. I also like East Fifth and Alfred Dunner. Please, please don’t lose your quality!! Thanks, Karry

  571. dorothy says:

    as always the customer service reps are very helpful & knowledgeable

  572. rogelio abalos says:

    Im a valued customers of jcp since they opened their branch at 34th street.manhattan,ny.ttheir dedication to help peoples gives me inspired to come again and again.i congratulates all the staffs on this branch for their excellent customer services.the fashion styles,the pricing and the location gives me most.reasonable prices when compares to others stores like macys. I love jcp.even though they always decline my credit application it not harmed me to become more active customermore power to all the staffs and GOD BLESS.ROGER A. JERSEY CITY?

  573. gale says:

    I had a good experience. John new his product. He was fast and efficient. Amanda did a good job ringing it up and she told me about the survey.

  574. celia says:

    shopping at JCpenney is always a great experience. good prices for excellent products.

  575. Lou says:

    My sales person was great. My purchase involved bathroom accessories of which my husband and I could not totally agree. Needless, to say, the next day I was back at the store returning some items that the color just did not work for me. She was very helpful and offered her assistance the day of the purchases and also the next day when I returned some of the items. The sales associate was Kristy A.

  576. Lou says:

    My sales person was great. My purchase involved bathroom accessories of which my husband and I could not totally agree. Needless, to say, the next day I was back at the store returning some items that the color just did not work for me. She was very helpful and offered her assistance the day of the purchases and also the next day when I returned some of the items.

  577. kirt says:

    it was great

  578. carol says:

    great shopping

  579. Mahadaye says:

    The cashier Shalon was very informative and pleasant t the store on 09/03/11

  580. kirt says:

    my shopping experiance was excelant

  581. carol says:

    ILove Your Store

  582. Janice says:

    What a wounderful store!

  583. RUTHIE says:



  584. gerald says:

    great saving at jcp.

  585. Susan says:

    Love going to JCPenney…always get great deals and besides I love all the clothes and the personel at my store they are great.

  586. Laurie says:

    Belinda in Curtains and Drapery, I give her a 5-FANTASTIC! Thanks for your help in the store. This is the first time I have taken a survey; that is a survey from the store not a survey company. It was fast and easy. Thanks for the coupon JC PENNEYs.

  587. Laurie says:

    This is the first time I have taken a survey; that is a survey from the store not a survey company. It was fast and easy. Thanks for the coupon JC PENNEYs.

  588. Basil says:

    Jenieca Guillory was very helpful and knew product very well. Courteous and professional.

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    I purchased two sets of sheets that are for twin xl. this size is hard to find but JCPenny had them! The clerk was very nice and helped us find them. She made our trip very nice and worthwhile!!

    Thank You

  594. Vickie says:


  595. Elizabeth billiot says:

    The sales person was very pleasant and helpful

  596. judy says:

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  600. Patsy says:

    My shopping experience was great. The problem is when I got home, which is 39 miles away, one of the tops I purchased still has the bar code on…so now I have to drive back to get it taken off…not a happy customer

  601. gayle says:

    Kiara was very helpful she saw me in the store looking around and she came and asked did I need any help with anything.She was nice and pleasant.

  602. jessica says:

    I love the huge variety of kids clothing at very low prices! As well as the great customer service on the sales floor & at check out! I have never been to a store in which the sales floor team was so helpful! Thank all of your team at jcp for such excellent service!

  603. paula says:

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  609. Linda says:

    Sales & promotions are a great thing in this day’ economy

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  611. Ivy says:

    Very professional and courteous salesperson. Merchandise was reasonably priced

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    Purchase made on 9-3-11

  616. Sam says:

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