Books-A-Million Store Survey

Give Books-A-Million your feedback in order to improve customer service.

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Books-A-Million is the third largest book retailer in the United States, operating over 200 stores in 19 different states. The company also runs a website,, to sell books over the Internet. While not as well-known as the larger US book retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders, Books-A-Million has a large and devoted following. It also offers some special programs like the “Books For Troops” program that lets you send books overseas to members of the United States armed forces with no shipping charges.

In order to stay competitive, customers who buy books at a Books-A-Million retail store are asked to fill out an online store survey after each purchase. This lets the company improve customer service where it falls short of BAM standards and also reward locations and employees who give excellent service. Customers who fill out the surveys get the satisfaction that they are helping one of their favorite retailers give the best service possible.

Fill out the survey by visiting When you’re done, fill out the feedback form below to let us know how it went.

Your Feedback: 

Note: All feedback is moderated and will be made public after it is reviewed for appropriateness. Please do not include any information that can identify you other than your first name or a pseudonym. Refer to our privacy policy for more details.


  1. Richard says:

    As I was making a payment, Collette, a sales person associate of B-A-M, was challaging my moral character for not accepting a coffee promotion offer. This kind disrespect is inappropriate and requires some remedial action on a variety of different levels.

  2. Bonnie says:

    The store itself is great. I like the variety of offerings. What keeps me away; however, is that when you go to the sales counter to make your purchase, you are givin a sales pitch. This is a HUGE ‘Turn Off’ to me. Then if the pitch to buy the store card–and they hound you about it, isn’t enough, then it’s a pitch to sign up for some “free” magazines. After you have those magazines for awhile, your card is debited. When you call to cancel, no one is there but a recording. I had a very hard time with that on one occasion and will never sign up for magazines again. Please save your otherwise great store and leave your good customers alone!!

  3. Ralph says:

    Great store, friendly & Helpful sales staff. Pleasant experience

  4. barbara says:

    really great service. every time I go to this store the employees offer help finding items and they are always cheerful and friendly…a nice change from the service you get in most stores these days.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I understand the company’s desire to save money on staff salaries – but the lack of staff on duty for checkout and combining the information desk with the cashier’s desk leads to long waits while staff is busy researching books for customers. Today, I was one of 5 customers waiting for an unusually long time while 2 cashiers/staff assisted customers in finding books on the computer and escorting one to the book area to help them choose a book – then proceeded to check out this customer ahead of the waiting customers. I have shopped at Books A Million on and off for years and have experienced long waits many times. I will now choose to drive an additional 7 miles to Barnes and Nobel for better customer service.

  6. Sharon says:

    All of the associates were friendly and knowlegable , made my shopping experience fun.

  7. Billie says:

    Sales Rep Michael very helpful

  8. Tina says:

    As usual I continue to enjoy visiting this store! Me and my best friend look forward to having lunch here and then browsing the books.The atmosphere continues to be friendly and pleasantly quiet. Antonio is a great asset to this store. As are the other employees. Continue the great bookstore service (which I am afraid is rare in this depressing economy)
    Thank you!!!

  9. don says:

    really enjoyed shopping .clerks were friendly and very helpful specifically Caitlin rose ID# 117640

  10. linda says:

    Great selection; friendly and knowledgable salespeople.

  11. Dennis says:

    The sale prices weren’t as good as Borders.

  12. jan says:

    great store in Westminster, md -

  13. Adriana says:

    It was my first time going to the store and i really loved it, it reminded me of Barnes and Nobles. :)

  14. Donald says:

    Enjoy going into your book store. Employees are very helpful. Like your large inventory of stock, so much to see and pick up.

  15. Kelly says:

    Love the store and the employees are always cheerfuul and friendly. Never a bad visit!

  16. Sandra says:

    Love this store and their employees! Always happy employees and the store keeps me captive way longer than I ever intend to be in the store. Great selection and extras!

  17. Debra says:


  18. Elizabeth says:

    keep up the good work.

  19. Deborah says:

    I like to shop at BooksAMillion because of the layout. There is room in the aisles to stop and look at a book that catches my interest without blocking other people from doing the same thing. The book selection is good but often I have to go elsewhere to find my books for book club. I would love to see a section devoted to new authors.
    The employees are consistently attentive and eager to help when needed.

  20. Linda says:

    Awesome Customer Service. Large selection of items to purchase. Very clean and organized.

  21. patricia says:

    a very friendly store and they help you find what you need or want

  22. jim says:

    Leslie in the Morgantown store was very pleasant. This was the first time I was there, but it won’t be the last.

  23. priscilla says:

    Have visited BAM twice in one week in Gainesville,Fl. Employees, Katelyn ID#11672 and Elizabeth ID#11149 were great in assisting with our check out time, asking if we found everything we needed. The manager Verlissa has been a great help, courteous, smiling with a bubbling personality. GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE!!!!

  24. priscilla says:

    Me and my family has been a BAM customer and discount card holder for a number of years. We love the great selection of magazines, especially college football,i.e. Phil Steele’s College Football Preview, also Herb Quarterly and Herb Companion, many self sufficent type magazines. We love to be able to order any books that are not in stock for review with the helpful and courteous aid of the employees. We also enjoy coming in to Joe Muggs for a fresh hot cup of coffee and sitting and relaxing browsing thru items we are going to purchase. At anytime that we needed assistance it was there, even ask at times if we needed assistance. The two Gainesville, Fl locations have been GREAT!!!!!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    store #243 said my book would be in the store 09/29/11 and it was there. Can’t ask for more than that!!

  26. sex-dating says:

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  27. Barbara says:

    My visit was productive and Jovon, ID 10975, was pleasant and courteous.

  28. Jessie says:

    I am a second grade teacher, and buying books for my classroom gets pretty pricey. The first time I went to BAM, I had a store employee practically force me to buy a discount card/membership card (or whatever it is called). Of course I bought one, knowing that I would be purchasing alot of books in the near future. This past Friday, I ventured in to BAM again to find more children’s books. An employee by the name of Heather was nice enough to tell me that the Educator’s Card was free and would give me better savings. If only the other employee on my first visit would have cared more about customer service instead of meeting her quota (which she did tell me she was trying to do so that she wouldn’t get fired). Heather, at the Wichita Falls location, THANK YOU for understanding that us educators aren’t exactly “raking in the dough”. You were a very big help!

  29. betty says:

    Gadsden store is great. I always find what i am looking for

  30. Audrey says:


  31. renee says:

    3 store employees assisted me during my visit all were great

  32. Esthe says:

    When I went to this store I was in a hurry, but the costumer service poeple were really nice. They quickly found both of the books i was looking for, were very attentive and polite, and even told me I could get a discount because my books were for a “school read”.

  33. Linda says:

    I went to the Boca Raton, FL store today and really enjoyed my visit. Had to wait
    in line for a little bit, but when I got to the cashier, she was very nice and helpful
    and cheery.
    The prices are a little high on the toys, but my son always has such a good time there.
    The staff are very kid-friendly.

  34. Bob says:

    Booksamillion in Martinsburg, WV is great. Excellent sotre staff and inventory. A great place to spend some leisurely time. I am a frequent visitor and buyer. Great deals!

  35. cathy says:

    The Hixson, Tennessee store is great. The staff are always helpful. 4 stars.

  36. Sheila says:

    Love Books-A-Million!

  37. wendy says:

    service was good but the prices were high

  38. Kathy says:

    My husband and I went to Books-A-Million for the very 1st time to buy birthday books for one of our 7 grandchildren. The check out counter was lit but we stood and waited for a cashier and no body appeared. We were ready to put down our books and leave when a customer came up and told us that the cafe was checking people out. We went there and the man who was working the counter was not at all friendly, he did not greet us, and when I told him there should be a sign on the checkout counter that it was closed and to use the cafe counter, he shrugged. I told him we almost left w/o bnuying anything and he just smirked and shrugged again. We will NEVER go to this store again. We deserved nicer treatmment and next time we need to bnuy books we’ll be sure to go someplace where our business is appreciated.

  39. Marie says:

    Was very impressed with willingness to help me find the book I was looking for; it was not in store but was ordered for me and will be here in 4 days…thanks so much

  40. Kacey Tramonte says:

    Love this store. Last book I bought was The Help. The book was amazing. Everytime I go to the mail I always have to go into books-a-million at least once.

  41. Harry says:

    I always enjoy coming to books-a-million because of its relaxed aatmosphere.Your staff is kind and patient.There is something there for everyone.

  42. Fabiana says:

    I was totally satisfied with the staff at the store in the Sawgrass mall in Miami. Im specially grateful to Sean who was very polite, friendly and helpful, explaining to my daugthter and to me how to use the Nook. Thanks a lot,Sean!!

  43. ERIC says:


  44. debra says:

    yall have a great selection of books on different subjects.I bought two books already,might buy more.

  45. Terri says:

    Many, many books to choose from in store. Staff was very helpful,and polite. My daughter loves going to the bookstore and looking for savings sales. She is very money savvy. We will always visit BookaMillion. I am very satified with the store at Coventry Mall in Pottstown, PA

  46. George says:

    I am very pleased with the new BAM store in Sumter, SC, that opened last week. The selection is very good for a smaller town and the staff members are patient, courteous and very helpful. I am happy BAM is in Sumter and very happy with the staff.